Further to all past messages on this subject we take the opportunity now to remind all of decision of Togolese Government to change arrangements for provision of ECTN for all cargo destination Lom? (including transit cargo).
Administration will be undertaken by Antaser and new tariffs applied where please refer to Antaser website for all details.
From bill of lading date 1st December full implementation of ECTN at port of loading will be in place thus from this date we will not load any cargo without correct ECTN regularisation. Please note that the ECTN issued in the port of loading is required for the import custom clearance upon arrival and for all shipments the ECTN unique number needs to be inserted in the bill of lading and the manifest.
Such instruction relates to all cargo types and further please note for now there are no arrangements in place with Antaser in respect of re-commencement of Master ECTN thus shippers remain responsible for obtaining ECTN and supplying such details to carrier for insertion as required on B/l and manifest.
In all cases B/L clause as per below continues to apply:
"Prior to release of cargo, carrier reserves the right to collect all charges and all other costs incurred either at origin or destination in respect of new ECTN procedures in Togo as per Ministerial Order 001/MEF/MCPSP/MTPT/DC dated 8 April 2015 and subsequent notifications."
We rely on your compliance and remain at your disposal for further details.